The UK Protein Transition in 4 Graphs

March 2022

Anyone who has set foot in a UK restaurant or supermarket in the past few years can see that meat consumption is changing, and meat-free diets are on the rise. Here we share 4 graphs that show protein transition in the UK.

1. Per capita total meat consumption decreased 17% in the 10 years to 2019

According to figures published in the Lancet, average UK meat consumption fell from 104g/day in 2008-2009 to just 86g/day in 2018-2019.

2. Per capita red meat consumption decreased 37% in the 10 years to 2019

The same paper showed average red meat consumption falling by more than a third from 37g/day to 24g/day over the same period. Fish consumption was fairly steady, while poultry consumption increased slightly.

3. The number of vegans more than doubled from 2019-2022

Data from Finder shows a dramatic increase in the proportion of the UK following a vegan diet since 2019. The figure has more than doubled to account for over 2 million Brits.

4. Sales of chilled vegetarian foods have increased exponentially since 2013

Data from Kantar shows retail sales of chilled vegetarian foods are flat from 2008-2013, before beginning an exponential increase (CAGR 12.75%) from 2013-2020.

This data was compiled from various sources by Bryant Research, with graphs made by Science Graphic Design.