A Bit About Us

At our core, we are a passionate community dedicated to promoting and advancing social science research for the betterment of society. We firmly believe that social science research plays a crucial role in understanding and addressing the complex challenges we face in today’s world.

By advocating for the value and impact of social science research, we strive to foster evidence-based decision-making, inform policy development, and empower individuals and communities with knowledge.

Where We Stand

Bryant Research uses social science research to help accelerate the protein transition from conventional meat to alternative proteins. 

Protein transition sits at the intersection of many of the world’s most pressing problems. Solving rapid climate change, reversing environmental devastation, preventing future pandemics, and improving animal welfare all rely on a more efficient and diversified protein supply.

From change at the individual to the institutional level, our research illuminates the most effective ways to realise more sustainable food systems.

  • We’re so much more than just a business. Whilst we are a private company, our mission is to accelerate the protein transition – not to maximize profits. 

  • We always represent findings honestly. Our long-term mission success depends on maintaining our reputation for research integrity.

  • We pay staff modestly, but fairly. Everyone receives a living wage, the Director is the lowest-paid staff member, and any excess is reinvested into our research projects.

Meet the Team

Chris Bryant, PhD

Chris is an expert in alternative proteins, and has published dozens of papers on the social dimensions of the protein transition. He has his MSc in Policy Research from the University of Bristol and his PhD in Psychology from the University of Bath.


Charlotte Flores, BA
Research Associate

Charlotte is a political researcher with a focus on the social and political processes of change. She has her BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield.


Abby Couture, MSc
Research Associate

Abby is a psychology researcher with a focus on applied social psychology and intergroup relations. She has her MSc in Psychological Research from the University of Edinburgh.


Thomas Manandhar-Richardson, PhD
Research Associate

Richie is a data scientist with a focus on causal inference, A/B testing, and machine learning. He has his MSc in Research Methods for Psychological Science from the University of Glasgow, and his PhD in Evolutionary Psychology from the University of Manchester.


Elise Hankins, MSc
Research Associate

Elise is a psychology researcher with a focus on applied psychology and speciesism. She has her MSc in Psychological Research from the University of Edinburgh.


Aditi Daga, MA
Communications Associate

Aditi is a marketing communications professional with a decade of experience working across corporates and non-profits in Dubai, Maldives, Zambia and Bolivia. She has her MA in Sustainable Peace from University por La Paz.


Billy Nicholles, BA
Research Associate

Billy is a research professional with a passion for sustainable food systems. He has his BA in History from University College London.


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